Welcome to Lizzle’s Capsule Chronicles and Tales of a Me-Made Wardrobe!

  Welcome to my Day 1 blog!  It's been a long time coming... Each day’s morning question to myself: “do I blog or sew, knit or quilt?”...and until today, blogging has not been the winning response as there so many patterns to consider, not to mention my 100-year stash (I call it that as it will take me the next 100 years to work my way through yarn and fabric that I can't seem to resist!! However, I decided to sit down and create a blog as a personal commitment (to myself) for channeling my creative goals and decision process into project plans that I can chronicle and share with others as well.  I do use  Ravelry  as an online planner for my knitting, but wanted something more in-depth as a sewist to catalogue my garment making and the journey that's brought me to this space. From the way back machine (sometime before Covid..) : "I don't have anything to wear" (once I was no longer wearing my black suit of the day) was my daily morning chant and altho